Paris, j’arrive!

First two days in Paris done!  Driving into Paris was an experience – the French are mental drivers and love their horns!  Plus, the pedestrians actually looked shell-shocked when my dad stopped at the zebra crossings!  I was not surprised when was asked to fill in a bit more paperwork upon my arrival before finally getting my hands on my keys (gotta love French bureaucracy!)  My place is all in good nick, accept the dodgy toilet lock which gave me quite a scare.  Was not planning on spending my first evening in Paris trapped in the bathroom!  Dad to the rescue, removed the lock, which I don’t think the landlord will be too pleased about…

After a bit of sorting we strolled down to the strip of restaurants right next to where I live (Rue de Bagnolet, 20th arrondissement) and got some dinner.  After half a bottle of rose I was feeling pretty knackered after leaving London at 6:45 am, and it was dodo time.

First morning waking up in Paris and it all still feels a bit surreal, especially after conking out like a light the night before.  I’m trying hard already to look like ‘une vraie parisienne’ and not a deer in headlights (personally I think I fitted right in until my dad gave me away with his pigeon French!)  Today was a beautiful day, so we had a quick walk around the Seine before my dad sped off to catch his Eurotunnel back to London.  No time for me to relax and unpack just yet – I’m meeting the family whose two boys I will be looking after three times a week, I hope it goes well!

Strangely nothing has gone wrong yet since being here, which is a surprise if you know me and my sense of direction.  Found the family’s apartment in good time, and they have asked me to start as soon as!  My first journey on the metro by myself will be one to remember, I was hit on by two guys who wanted my number (my stop just so happened to be the next one…)  Made a quick trip to the supermarché and found myself being chatted up again whilst trying to choose my baguette (French guys are definitely a lot more forward.)  Back at mine now, hoping to do a bit of sorting tomorrow and enjoy the weather at an Erasmus picnic tomorrow.  Just switched on the TV and found The Simpsons in French, evening sorted!  Pictures of my place will follow once it no longer looks like a bomb has just dropped!


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