The Erasmus group at Bois de Vincennes

Lazy Sunday in Paris?  Pas du tout!  It was scorching today, so myself and two of my fellow Warwick French students (Nikki and Rose) decided to go to an Erasmus picnic organized by a company called EIAP.  For students in Paris, I would already highly recommend going to their events (They have been inviting me to loads of stuff since liking their Facebook page, which I’ll post a link to here.)  They run so many different events – nights out, picnics, sports, and even trips to other cities in France, plus Brussels, Amsterdam and Bruges!

After arriving at the meeting place (Metro Château de Vincennes), we were starting to doubt if we were in the right place.  Soon enough, other student-y looking people started to emerge, and we got chatting straight away.  Before we knew it, there was a pretty big group, who were led like a herd of sheep to Bois de Vincennes.  Myself and Rose had started coming up with fake nationalities in order to stop people attempting to speak to us in English, but it turned out we didn’t need to!  Everyone was speaking in French with us, which was absolutely great, even though it absolutely mentally drained me afterwards, especially in the heat!  (I was Swedish with my blonde hair- I often getting this assumption abroad, but we struggled to think of a realistic one for Rose immediately.)

Overall, it was a great day for starting to meet fellow Erasmus and other students from all over the world.  There were lots of people from Germany, Italy, Spain, Poland and France of course, however we were surprised to be the only English girls!  Me and Nikki ended up with nicknames by the end of the afternoon after introducing ourselves various times (Selena Gomez and Nicki Minaj), which we may have to adopt!  After chatting and tucking into our picnic, there were a few games played involving beer and wine (always a winner) and a good dose of water if you lost, which was very much welcome in the heat!

Got back to mine at around 6, and was absolutely zonked by the heat as well as speaking and thinking in French all day.  I’m a little pink after being in the sun all day without any sun cream (oops…)   I started a bit of an unpacking spree seeing as I had not had the time to do much since arriving.  It’s getting there slowly but surely (I am easily distracted…) So much to do tomorrow, I actually think I may have a list as long as my arm, and that’s what I can remember!  Bonne nuit zzzz….

http://www.facebook.com/pages/EIAP-Echanges-Internationaux-A-Paris/196612643761269?ref=ts – the link for EIAP


One thought on “Dimanche

  1. Where are the boys? Looking at the photo, there seem to be only female Erasmus students! Or maybe only girls go on picnics!

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