Afternoon off…

Seeing as the CAF saga did not take up the whole of my day, I met up with my French friend Damien who helped me about with my French during my A levels whilst he was doing his year abroad in England.  He let me try out his vélib, which was interesting because I can’t actually remember the last time I rode a bike!  This was luckily on the pavement and not the road needless to say!  After that, we had a stroll around Père Lachaise, which is the largest cemetery in Paris where many famous French people are buried (Ediaf Piath, Balzac, Proust…), as well as Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde.  The cemetery is absolutely huge and we had come rather unprepared (without a map) so we wandered around a lot and asked people with maps to help us out.  You can usually ask for maps at the entrance, which is what I did when I came before, but they had run out.  I’ve also found that you can do a little virtual tour online which shows you well known graves:

I’ve spent the whole of this morning looking at all the French language and literature modules at the Sorbonne in preparation for my information meetings this week.  There are so many to choose from, I’m definitely feeling a bit overwhelmed at the moment!  What’s for sure is that the amount of hours here will be a shock to the system (I think the average per week is 18-20), which is a hell of a lot more than I get at Warwick.  Us Humanities students here definitely can’t be teased all year by Science and Maths students like we are back home!  Off to meet someone from the Sorbonne before picking up my French kids later.  I’m babysitting until late tonight (extra pocket money wahey!)  I have my first meeting about modules at the Sorbonne tomorrow which I hope will help me with picking what I want to do!

À bientôt!


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