‘La reine est nue!’

Kate Middleton’s Topless ‘Scandal’ Courtroom Victory

I hear that Kate’s topless holiday snaps have been causing quite a stir across the channel, but here in France people were asking if it’s really that shocking in modern society today.  That was the argument at least of the French representative of Closer, the magazine responsible for publishing pictures of the duchess half starkers.  Despite this, the royal couple won their court case at Nanterre yesterday, claiming that the photos were an invasion of privacy.  Not only have the photos been banned from being published, but they will also be turned over to the royal family.  What’s more, the couple announced that they are seeking a jail sentence for the guilty photographer.  (France is the only country in the world where a journalist can be imprisoned for taking offensive photos.)

I’m sorry Wills and Kate, but I think this is one step too far.  The photographer did not come barging through the couple’s villa or clamber up a tall fence to take these shots.  According to French Closer, she did not trespass at all, but took the photos from the roadside.  If you really don’t want the world to see your nipples Kate, then keep your bikini top on in future.  In my opinion, William’s demand that the photographer should pay for this royal embarrassment by doing a stretch in the slammer demonstrates a rather archaic ‘Off with their heads!’ type of arrogance.

One things for sure, the French papers are absolutely loving the whole saga.  Why should they take morality and elegance lessons from the English?  Wasn’t it only three weeks ago that the world saw Prince Harry stark naked?


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