Bon week-end

The Arc

I’m doing surprisingly well at keeping this up to date at the moment, seeing as I was never one for keeping diaries when I was younger.  Went up the Arc de Triomphe on Saturday, which may be nowhere near as tall as the Tour Eiffel, but was still quite a work out (might have burned off a quarter of a baguette there…)  Entry is free for under 25s so I’d highly recommend it.  Plus, the view is quite spectacular.  I set myself the challenge of trying to spot as many famous sites as possible in the skyline (no points for spotting the Tour Eiffel…) Up there I could fully appreciate the beauty of Paris and how well it is designed thanks to Haussmann’s grands boulevards.  I spent ages peering down at the hustle and bustle of Champs-Élysées, as well as having a good laugh at a group of crazy tourists attempting to cross the massive roundabout around the Arc.  For future reference for anyone, there is an underpass which means you can get to the Arc without fear of being run over!

The view from l’Arc de Triomphe – quite magnificent.

After that I just could not help but browse the shops, which did end up in a mini spending spree (I will not be returning there for a while!)  Having got a bit carried away in the shops, I didn’t have time to  walk down to Église de la Madeleine and hopped on the métro to get ready for my first Parisian house party.  Jen’s place is smack bang in the middle of the 1st arrondissement, literally spitting distance from the Louvre (I am quite jealous!)  I had a great time drinking wine and chatting in French for the whole night.

First Parisian house party

After sleeping through my alarm on Sunday morning, Jen and I finally made our way to the Sorbonne welcome picnic at Cité Université.  It’s such a nice campus, so it’s a shame there’s no classes there.  Like the last picnic I went to, it was great to meet people from all over the world.  However, it seems that I can’t escape the ‘Warwick bubble’ even in France, as I bumped into a French girl called Caroline who did a year abroad at Warwick last year.  It was pretty bizarre to be speaking in French about the joys of Coventry, Smack, Varsity etc…  Such a small world!

Welcome Sorbonne Picnic

Final note which I just have to add – the French pronunciation of Warwick is amazing, I don’t think I’ll get over it for a while yet.


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