Retour en Angleterre

Have I already acclimatized to life à la française?   A few thoughts since returning to the land of ‘les rosbifs’ (the roast beefs)…

  1. I’ve kissed everyone hello.
  2. It rains just as much on both sides of the Channel.
  3. I’ve managed to avoid hearing my first Christmas song until 21st December.  This must be a record.
  4. I can’t be asked to start wearing heels and dressing up for nights out.
  5. I’ve said pardon to someone in the pub.
  6. I love the tube.
  7. Bread is just not the same.
  8. I have a lot of T.V to catch up on.
  9. Bring on proper veggie food.  We’re catered for so much better in London.
  10. I appreciate the English uni system so much more now.
  11. Shocked that drivers are stopping for me at pedestrian crossings.  And where are all the angry beeps and road rage?
  12. I’ve missed London fashion.  Anything goes.
  13. Hi Starbucks on every street corner.
  14. Its great to have friends to welcome you back from wherever you go.
  15. Nothing beats a good ol’English pub.
  16. I don’t make the most of London when here.

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