Un printemps raté


Just a few stats I’ve seen to highlight just how ridiculous the weather in France has been this year.  No, I am not being typically English and forever complaining about the weather, I am very much justified!  With a year abroad in France, I thought that I would escape the rain and cold for a year, though how wrong I was…

  1. This year has been the coldest since 1887.  2013, unlucky for some?
  2. There was not one single day of sun in Paris during May.  How very depressing.
  3. Several regions have had record snow levels in March, generally measuring between 10-20cm.
  4. 2013 has been the rainiest year since 1959.  Even the South, normally known for its Mediterranean temperatures, has suffered with 1.5 times more rain than usual.   

Come on France, please get it together and give me some sun before I leave!!


One thought on “Un printemps raté

  1. What a shame! There is supposed to be nothing like Le Printemps a Paris… but unfortunately not this year. Fingers crossed for a few good weeks now!

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