He's still got it.
He’s still got it.

While vigorously enthralled by my time sat in the library planning my exposé on France’s outcry concerning its réforme des rythmes scolaires, my concentration was captured by a new art of thought merging an English footballing great with Parisian intellectual tradition: Becksistentialism. 

For its inventor Dr Andy Martin, Becksistentialism is “existentialism but with a very cool haircut”.

What on earth has Becks got to do with Parisian existentialism and the likes of Sartre and Voltaire I hear you say?  The theory says that David Beckham found philosophical awakening after his time in Paris with PSG, with the glitz and glam of his footballing career being cracked open by existentialism.  This seems to be some sort of explanation for his humble step down from professional football and move into local projects and taking the mini Beckhams to footie practice.

Beckham seems to have reached a turning point in his life (possibly a mid-life crisis?)  Dr Martin regards our golden balls as “as an exemplar or embodiment of a number of philosophical propositions” about crisis, conflict and identity”.

Has the golden boy finally been deconstructed by French philosophy? Ridiculously brilliant is what I think!

'L'enfer, c'est les autres.'
‘L’enfer, c’est les autres.’

Take a look at Dr Andy Martin’s blog:

Here’s a blog I’ve have since done for the French Institute’s Culturetèque:

(He is a French Philosophy lecturer at Cambridge – this definitely justifies the time I have spent reading it…)


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