French Idiom Challenge!

It has sadly been (an extremely) long time since my last post – I’ve missed it a lot, though I can’t say that my life has been as interesting as it was last year (rather dull in comparison in fact…) Instead I’ve been putting my writing skills to other purposes and contributing to various publications, including the amazing My French Life where I am now an editorial intern and loving it!  I haven’t been to France since December last year but I’ll be off to Lyon in a few weeks – I can’t wait!

Having finished uni (phew!), I now rather busy with my second work placement of the summer and I have already started to worry about loosing mon français. I had worried about this pretty much from the moment I left France last summer (*sobs*), but as I was still doing a degree in French it wasn’t such an issue. But now I have no obligation to keep up my French, other than the fact I love it and am desperate to not lose it – quoi faire?

Regularly seeing/hearing/speaking French on  Skype, Facebook, news websites, radio, Twitter and films, I’m not doing that badly. In an ideal world I would love to immerse myself in a French novel every evening, but after a long day at the office and lots of other writing projects to be getting on with, there isn’t always the time (or the energy!)

So I decided to set myself a summer challenge and learn a new French idiom every day – that can’t be too taxing right? 5 minutes to find a new idiom and jot in down can easily be fitted in to my routine. Seeing as I’ll be pretty busy come September when I start my MA in Journalism, this may be extended…

So for any other Francophiles who have recently moved back from France, finished a qualification in French, or need to keep their French up for la rentrée, join me – allez-y! 

First idiom: C’est le bouquet! = That takes the biscuit! 



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