Allez les Bleus!

To wish the French team luck in their clash against Germany tonight, I have looked up some French football idioms. I had picked up a few during a friendly between these two when I lived in Paris, but I don’t remember coming across these ones.

The one English idiom I shared was ‘It’s not over until the fat lady sings’ which my friends found rather amusing – the French version is nowhere near as entertaining – ‘Tout n’est pas encore joué.’

Here are some of my favourites I came across today.

Jouer avec le peigne dans la poche

Literally to play with a comb in your pocket.

When a player gets a bit too big-headed and starts showing off with his fancy footwork – and not to the team’s advantage!

Une défense en béton

Literally a concrete defence.

English football lingo would say a solid defence or in the words of Mourinho, ‘Park the bus!’

Faire du petit-bois

Du petit-bois means split here so you may see where this one is going…

When a defender takes out/clatters a player

Seeing as Belgium aren’t playing until tomorrow, I will be supporting France tonight – allez les bleus!



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