Londoner in Lyon: vin, vol et voyages


The end of my second week is drawing to an end – while three weeks seems like a long time, there will still be a lot of things that I haven’t seen or discovered in Lyon.

Having started to feel a bit groggy and stiff, I finally had a jog along the riverbanks. This was quite a novelty – I sadly live nowhere near the Thames in London and in Paris I would have had to have been either incredibly fit with an impressive geographic knowledge or resorted to the metro. It is funny how many things you notice when you are running – I told myself I would have to come back with my camera – which ended badly as you will find out… The lack of recent exercise other than walking and the picturesque setting must have encouraged to push myself more than normal as I ran for well-over an hour.


Our team decided to suss out more of the nightlife here and went to a quirky wine bar called La Cave d’à Côté around Hôtel de Ville. After finding out that the bar was a haunt for French Resistance members, its décor and small size made more sense. We were then intending to go to a well-known jazz club, only to find that the party ends abruptly at 19h – rather strange for a jazz club, mais bon. Our change of plan led us to another find – a beer place with happy hour running all night at 5 euros a pint. Le 405 Lyon immediately won my vote with its wide selection of Belgian beer and was full of friendly twentysomethings enjoying the pleasant summer evening. I got talking to a lovely girl from Marseille who was really interested in what we were doing – it was a shame that we had to hurry for the last metro.


The highlight of this week was definitely our trip to Euronews. Talking to journos there was both inspiring though perhaps a bit demoralising for some.  Many jokily hinted at going into law or finance instead – nothing I have not heard before having done work experience at a local paper recently. What I really love in an enterprise like Euronews is its diversity and international outlook – the fact that it combines varying opinions and views throughout Europe. Whilst one of the journos in the English team admitted it is not the ideal place to start off in journalism as the majority of the work is post-production (with the same information broadcast and put online in 13 different languages), such an environment seems attractive for me. I am also still pretty set on going back to France after my MA so I am looking into European news platforms.  I hope to have made some valuable contacts for the future and have already been asked to contribute to a sister blog under Euronews called Generation Y.


Instead of going back to the apartment straight away to get stuck into my next article, I decided to make the most of the sun. Seeing as the last time I climbed up the Fourvière hill it was muggy which did not make good panoramas, I trekked up to admire the city skyline in full clarity before meandering down through the gardens. Before heading back chez moi, I detoured onto the river berges to fill another missed photo opportunity.


Within 20 minutes, I was in a police car being taken to the local police station. ‘What did you do?!’ was the first reaction from fellow project members. The sad news is I was on the receiving end. I am usually so vigilant but this guy was very sneaky and caught me completely off guard. I had decided to be a responsible pasty-skinned person and re-apply my sun cream, plonking myself down on a deck. Whilst I’m smothering away, the guy comes up to me and asks me for some cream. I gave him a bit before he started taking liberties and asking for more – to get rid of him I gave him some. Whilst my bag, as always, was firmly closed and safely on my shoulder, my camera was hanging around my wrist. When I realised it was missing, my first thought was that I must have put it back in my bag and started rummaging around. Unfortunately my bag had a lot of clutter to work through. In the meantime I started following the guy whilst searching my bag because I didn’t want to start throwing accusations without being sure. To check properly I went onto a peniche terrace to check in a secure place – I didn’t want anything else lifted – which is when I lost him. The bar owner pointed out the police to me when I told what I thought had happened, and voilà.



The police took me on a tour of the berges and the surrounding road, but with no luck of course – the guy would have scarpered rather sharpish. They encouraged me to file a report so off I went to the police station, where I bonded with a Bosnian boy in the waiting room who was asking me if Justin Bieber was English and did I know where he lived. What is annoying is the sentimental value more than anything – I had taken lots of pictures that day, some of which were to be used as part of a piece I am doing for the guide.


Today I went to Lac Miribel which is about 10km outside of Lyon, which was gorgeous. It was great just to relax and doze off in the sun after yesterday. As I went by myself I didn’t want to leave my stuff unattended to take a dip, so I just had a paddle instead. If you’re in Lyon for more than a few days, I would definitely recommend a trip.


Off to Annecy tomorrow – I am rather nervous about the weather as storms are expected in the evening, but this weekend was my only chance to go. I’ve signed myself up to the editing team so next week will be chaos.

Today a year ago was my last day living in Paris – maybe one day I’ll be back!


La Cave d’à Côté: 7, rue Pleney, 1er arrondissement Lyon

Le 405 Lyon : 33 rue Terme, 1er arrondissement Lyon

Lac Miribel : From Lyon get the metro A to Vaulx-en-Velin La Soie and then get the bus 83 (best to look up bus times beforehand as they come twice an hour)






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