Au sud


Sadly I haven’t blogged in ages and recently I’ve really missed it. Seeing as I will be off to Montpellier au sud soon, I thought I’d share my trip to Aix-en-Provence and Marseille last year.


With leafy boulevards, grand fountains and impressive maisons, Aix boasts old-town elegance with an element of Parisian chic. The old town – full of narrow lanes, hidden boutiques and café terraces –  is great for any flâneurs. Quartier Mazarin is home to some of the town’s finest old architecture, including the grand Place des Quatre Dauphins. Those looking for nature can hike up Sainte-Victoire, the white limestone mountain which overlooks the town.


Vieil Aix – a stroller’s paradise


When the French speak of the south, they are often referring to France’s second largest city. While Marseille may have a tarnished reputation in France, it is a beautiful port city with a rich and fascinating history. I only spent a day here and feel like there is so much to see and learn. The city is bubbling with urban culture and won European Capital of Culture in 2013. Next time I am dying to go to Cassis, a little seaside resort snuggled by magnificent ragged cliffs just off Marseille.

Vieux Port



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